Due to our limited size and seating capacity, groups of 6 or larger will have an automatic gratuity of 20%.

 Wines by the Glass

6 oz glass/Bottle


Malibràn Ruio Valdobbiadene Prosecco    $8 / $28

Medium acidity is carried by a fine bead of carbonation. Off-dry flavors of candied lemon and honey transition to a medium-long finish.


Seven Hills 2019 Sauvignon Blanc (WA)  $9 / $31

Dry. Medium-high acidity. Ripe pineapple, lemon, and tangerine, with a medium long finish of stone minerality and lime oil.

Syndicate Wines 2019 Pinot Gris (Oregon)  $8 / $25

Medium-high acidity. Ripe tangerine, lemon, and candied ginger. A medium-long finish shows notes of hazelnut and cashew.

Druvor Hill 2018 White Blend (OR)  $9/ $33

Off-dry. Medium-high acidity. Ripe kiwi, tangerine, yellow pear, and dried pineapple flavors round out this delicate white blend. A lingering finish offers additional citrus oil and mineral notes. Very good quality.

Willamette Valley Vineyards Dijon Clone Chardonnay   $11/ $36

Dry. Medium-high acidity. Ripe pineapple, lemon curd, and yellow pear. A medium-long finish with notes of orange peel and citrus oil.

Syndicate Wines 2019 Rosé (Oregon)  $8 / $25

Balanced acids. Fresh strawberry and papaya. A medium-long finish with notes of peach and key lime.

Zerba Cellars 2019 Wild Pink $9/ $32

An easy summer sipper for those with a sweet tooth. Medium sweet. Medium acidity.  Ripe honeycrisp apple, raspberry, and honeydew melon with a syrupy, lingering finish.


AEREA 2018 Gamay Noir (Oregon)  $11 / $35

Dry. Medium-high acidity. Bright strawberry, blueberry, and cassis. Fine, silky tannin. A medium-long finish shows notes of brambleberry, anise, and white pepper. Very good quality.

Syndicate Wines 2017 Pinot Noir (Oregon)  $10 / $30

Moderate acids, medium bodied. Cherry kirsch, clove, baking spice, and vanilla. Delicate tannins blend to a lingering finish with white pepper and licorice.

Faustino VII 2018 Rioja Tempranillo (SP)  $8/ $28

Medium ruby hue. Dry. Medium-high acid. Red cherry, lingonberry, kirsch, and white pepper. Structured tannin. A lingering finish with licorice, vanilla, and scotch.

Bowlus Hills 2018 Red Blend (Oregon)  $11/ $36

Dry; Medium-high acidity; Medium-full bodied. Tart brambleberry, blueberry, and cassis. Refined tannins lead to a marionberry jam finish highlighted with black pepper kick. Very good quality.

Meerlust 2015 Stellenbosch Red (South Africa)  $12/ $41

Fresh blackberry, cocoa, espresso, and mint. Pronounced acidity and firm tannins pay homage to Old World Bordeaux. A very long, spicy finish completes the experience. Very well-balanced, very good quality.


Zerba Tawny Port (WA)     $10

Torii Mor Ruby Port (OR)   $10


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Bottle Menu

Oregon Wines

As a winegrowing region, Oregon offers some of the most diverse and distinct terroir in the world. From the fertile soils and moderate climate of the Willamette Valley to the continental temperature variations of the Columbia Valley and The Rocks to the east, Oregon’s winemakers produce world class wines. It’s not just about the Pinot!

Regional Wines

The Pacific Northwest is home to many dozens of wine grape varietals and countless winemaking methods. Our neighbors in California, Washington, Idaho, and British Columbia each offer distinct and noteworthy wines. Our regional selection highlights some of the finest quality and value wines you can find, many of which are not in public distribution.

International Wines

Wine is a global passion, grown and produced in every corner of this Earth. We search high and low to find the hidden gems from Old and New World producers: From New Zealand and Australia to South Africa; From Spain, France, and Italy to Hungary, Austria and Germany, the list goes on and on. We guarantee to have something unique that you’ve never tried, but which you will enjoy all the same!

Beer and Cider

Elysian Space Dust IPA  (22 oz)     $8

Breakside Pilsner (22 oz)                $8

Gigantic Kolsch (pint)                      $7

Portland Cider Kinda Dry (english pint)     $7

Last Word Wine Cocktail               $9

San Juan Hard Seltzer   (Huckleberry, Rasp/Cran, Apple, Cherry)              $7


Other Options

Coke   $2

Diet Coke   $2

Sprite   $2

Fanta (strawberry)  $2

Seltzer Water $2

Hot Tea $2

Merchandise and Packaged Deals


T-Shirts $27

Wine Glasses $15

Coffee Cups $15

Wine Tumbler $15

Coffee Beans $20

T-Shirts $20

(sizes limited)

Dress Shirt $30

(sizes limited)

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