Jim Barry 2017 Cover Drive Cabernet Sauvignon



Aromas: Dried black cherry, prune, tomato leaf, cedar, leather, smoke, graphite, gravel, and white pepper.

Flavors/experience: Cassis, sour cherry, black currant, black plum, and coffee. Very fine, structured tannin. A long finish, with tobacco, black pepper, eucalyptus oil, and toffee notes. Very good quality.

Specifications: 100% Cabernet Sauvignon from the Coonawarra growing region, a small, “cigar strip” in Southeast Australia. The climate is cooler than surrounding areas, and with rich, reddish “terra rossa” soil atop limestone, making for a distinct growing environment. Cabernets from this land are distinct for their strong herbaceous aromas and depth of flavors. This wine pours almost slightly oily, and bubbles resulting from pouring or splashing the wine display rainbow colors. This is a result of eucalyptus and gum tree oils in the air that literally settled onto the grapes prior to harvest. The simplest way to describe the flavor palate would be to suggest, “blackberry mint”. Unique and unforgettable! 14% alcohol.