Shatter 2017 Languedoc-Roussillon Grenache



  • Alcohol Percentage: 14.9%
  • Appellation: Languedoc-Roussillon, France
  • Aromas: Baked cherry, leather, vanilla, and orange peel.
  • Flavors/experience: Luscious mouthfeel. Balanced acids and delicate tannins. Not your typical Grenache, it drinks like a much older, aged wine with well-developed flavors and aromas.
  • “Shatter” refers to a winegrowing condition, in which a grape vine is so stressed by environmental factors, that it fails to develop some or most of its grapes. This results in the failed grapes falling off, leaving behind fewer grapes, which the vine is then able to focus its limited resources into developing.

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Weight 3.75 lbs