Domaine des Schistes 2018 Muscat


Category: Aperitif or Dessert wine

Aromas: Honey blossom, candied orange, lime peel, ginger, dried pear, sultanas, and marzipan.

Flavors/experience: Very sweet; High acidity; Full-bodied. Rich layers of sweet honeycomb, date, crystallized ginger, white pepper, and orange oil. Very good quality.

Specifications: 80% Muscat Petits Grains and 20% Muscat d’Alexandrie. Grown in schist soil in Estagel, Roussillon, France. Extremely small yields (212 U.S. gallons per acre) from successive harvest passes, produces a wine with intense flavors and aromas. 110 grams RS/liter. 15.5% alcohol.