AEREA 2019 Arfacio Pinot Noir


Aromas: Dried strawberry, dried raspberry, rose petal, thyme, fig, date, mushroom, and white pepper.

Flavors/experience: Off-dry; medium-high acidity; Medium bodied. Jammy strawberry, red cherry, and pomegranate. Mild tannin and delicate finish show subtle cola spice and star anise. Very good quality.

Specifications: Aeration of two to three hours is recommended, to bring forward the full spectrum of aroma and flavor. 90% Pinot Noir, 10% Gamay. In Latin, “arfacio” means to dry up or wither. Produced using 40% air dried grapes prior to ferment, in the tradition of appassimento style reds from Italy’s Veneto region. 13% alcohol.