What Does Sustainability Mean to Us?

Sustainability means many things to different individuals.  For us, it means balancing the needs of people, planet, and profit.  Syndicate Wine’s driving force is to support our community, building each other up through our common interest of wine. Our actions will reflect these premises in all facets of our business.

Here are a few of our key focal points of interest:


Supporting Local Small Businesses

  • Wines sourced from local wineries, encouraging diversity in representation
  • Bar top intricately cut and locally sourced from a family farm in Gaston, OR
  • Reservation sign from a small woman owned business in Union, OR
  • Barrel tables sourced from a winery in Newberg, OR
  • Photography provided by Diego Diaz Photography in Beaverton, OR

Sustainable Policies & Practices

  • 99% woman owed and operated
  • Top billing for B Corp/Oregon Benefit Company wineries, committed to standards of sustainability
  • Funds allocated to support women & minority winemakers
  • Recycling policies in all purchasing and disposing
  • Carbon foot print offsets purchased from Bonneville Environmental Foundation

Inclusive Environment and Hiring Practices

  • All are welcome and included.  All genders, races, religions, disabilities and backgrounds.  All levels of wine education.

Certified Oregon Benefit Company

In early February of 2019, we registered with the Oregon Secretary of State’s office as an Oregon Benefit Company.  We followed this by undergoing a rigorous examination of all business practices by the only Oregon-based certifying body, Benefit Corporations for Good.  In mid-February, we received word that we successfully passed our certification.  This certification means that we are held accountable to the highest standard in Oregon for ethical and sustainable business practices.  We are proud of this certification and what is stands for in the business community.

Women and Minority Winemakers

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of Syndicate Wines’ 2015 Pinot Noir will be used to support women and minority winemakers.  This under-recognized group of individuals provides a vibrant diversity to this industry.  They need to be encouraged, supported, and promoted as much as possible.   Along with our commitment to being an Oregon Benefit Company, we have selected to support this unique group of artisians as they bring a necessary diversity to wine making.

In Winter 2019, we will be awarding one grant to a woman or minority winemaker in need of capital support for their endeavors.  If you are interested in the parameters or application process, please contact us at

Annual Sustainability Report

As part of our committment and certification as an Oregon Benefit Company, we are required to post an Annual Sustainability Report.  This report publicy states what our company is currently doing to balance people, planet, and profit.  Figures in this report will change and evolve from year to year as we grow and evolve as a company.  We believe in full transparency in all of our business practices.

2019 Annual Sustainability Report


Questions About Becoming an Oregon Benefit Company

The owners of our company, David and Angela Anderson, are also owners of Canvas Host and have been part of the Oregon Benefit Company community since it’s legal inception in 2014.  If you have any questions on what this certification means, how to become one, or how to make sure there is accountability in the sustainability community, they are more than happy to answer any and all questions openly and honestly.  Additional research can also be obtained by contacting the Oregon Secretary of State’s Small Business Division or our certifying body, Benefit Corporations for Good.

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