Progress, even small, is still Progress

Wow, what a week.  Meetings and orders, networking and paperwork.  David and I have been crushing it every single day (including Saturday and Sunday).  Good thing we love wine, and more importantly Syndicate Wine Bar. This week we were able to accomplish a ton.  We've...

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What inspired us to create Syndicate Wine Bar

What goes into a wine bar and bottle shop? Everything you can think of, and ten things you haven't yet. This is my first blog post for Syndicate. Let me bring you up to speed with everything, starting with who we are. Those in the community may know us under our...

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Open, Open, Open??

It’s human nature to want to connect with people.  We all want to be a part of something.  Aside from that, we want to feel invited and included. Last summer when a group of our friends (who are also business owners) started hanging out on our back deck, we saw...

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Construction Update: A Process

In construction the phrase is, “measure twice, cut once”.  It should be “measure a million times plus one more”.  We found that designs change, ideas evolve, and a creative process emerges.  I typically don’t really care how things get done, I just like to accomplish...

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Construction Update: Patience

Thank you so much for being patient with us while we wait on construction.  What David and I have learned in this process is to be very, very patient.  Though we have a very detailed understanding of every element needed at Syndicate Wine Bar, some processes go slower...

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Celebration of Many

Starting May 2019, Syndicate Wines will be available for purchase.  These wines were chosen as a representation of our brand and diverse wines available in Oregon.  Our wines also have a purpose. Our purpose is to support others and help them grow.  To that extent, we...

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All Are Welcome and Invited

Welcome to our community.  Syndicate Wine Bar was built for you.  It was a place designed to welcome everyone in all levels of wine knowledge and from all backgrounds.  We want you to feel like this is your living room (minus the dirty socks).  Bring your friends. ...

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See You Soon



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