Wine Concierge

win kän-se-erzh

Someone who assists in locating and procuring sought-after wines.

Source: Syndicate Wine Bar


Are you searching for a rare wine? Something you enjoyed on a memorable date, or at an important event?

Do you like to collect wine, but don’t know who to ask or where to find a particular label?

What if you purchase wine frequently, and want to acquire it by the case?

Syndicate can help. We offer wine concierge services, and can source elusive wines for you by the bottle or case alike! Here’s how it works.

1. Provide us as much information as you can. We need more than a photo of the bottle. We need to know the winery or producer, country of origin, vintage, winegrowing region or appellation, and type of grape (varietal) if known. The more you can get us, the more we can help locate that wine for you!

2. Let us know where you last saw it or purchased it from. Was it at a restaurant or wine shop, or in a standard retail (grocery) store? What State were you in at the time you saw it?

3. Tell us how much you are looking to acquire, and what you paid (if you can remember) or are willing to pay. We have greater flexibility on pricing when it comes to locating wine if done on a multi-bottle or bulk wine purchases.

4. We will do our best to source it locally, and where possible, to meet or beat the price quoted by others. If you are a member of the Syndicate Wine Club, we’ll quote you an additional 5% savings!

To get started, please fill out the form below, and we’ll get in touch with you.

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