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Built by the Community

In the 3.5 years of building this company, David and I look back at the memories and people that have championed our cause.  They have lifted us up through construction, weather, long hours, and difficult business challenges.  It is only through the support of our community that were able to grow and become what we are today.

We are Here Because of You!

Along the way, many of you have purchased Sponsorship plaques that became permanent fixtures in our Beaverton dining room.  This accent wall has become more than we ever dreamed.  It shows your company logos, dedication to spouses or pets, or just funny quotes.

Once again, we are offering this opportunity to those in our community that missed out originally.  This wall currently sits incomplete.  In the coming weeks, David will be back in the shop wood-burning plaques again.

Will your Sponsorship Plaque be the next one added?


Donations of $150, $300, or $600 will secure your permanent place in the legacy of Syndicate through our dining room in Beaverton, OR.

See the chart below for extra benefits for your company or organization.

Select Your Amount

For other amounts not listed above, interested parties can contact us or PayPal us directly at sales(at)syndicatewines.com.

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12PM to Close

Saturday/Sunday Brunch

11 AM to 4 PM


11 AM to Close


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12620 SW 1st Street

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