Banfi 2015 Aurora Rosé Alta Langa DOCG

Have you ever unintentionally compared Nebbiolo to Pinot Noir? Both produce wines known for higher acidity, medium body, floral nose, and earthy palate.

A couple times while blind tasting, my own senses have had me guessing which varietal I was sampling. It’s for good reason.

Regional growing conditions present similarities between Burgundy, France and Piedmont, Italy, and how their wines share like traits.

Now consider that Pinot Nero (Pinot Noir) is grown in several portions of northern Italy! That’s where the real conversation takes off.

I had the opportunity to taste through a vintage rosé of Pinot Nero from Alta Langa DOCG, located within the Piedmont region of Italy. Forget Old World or New World, this wine falls into a category of its own.

Piedmont red wines offer a distinct type of earthy quality, and this rosé sparkling, produced in the traditional method, has a unique nose I’ve not experienced anywhere else.

Banfi 2015 Aurora Rosé Alta Langa DOCG

Dry; Medium-high acidity; Medium body; Fine perlage. Floral, with tropical fruit and a soft finish. Aromas: Strawberry blossom, candied cherry, hibiscus, peach skin, brioche, lime peel, dried tomato skin, and melon rind. Flavors: Pomegranate, strawberry, pomelo, vanilla, and red star grapefruit. Outstanding quality.

Specifications: 100% Pinot Nero from Alta Langa DOCG within Piedmont, Italy. Produced in the traditional method. 12.5% alcohol.

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