Welcome to our community.  Syndicate Wine Bar was built for you.  It was a place designed to welcome everyone in all levels of wine knowledge and from all backgrounds.  We want you to feel like this is your living room (minus the dirty socks).  Bring your friends.  Enjoy a cup of coffee or glass of wine by the fire.  Listen to some great music while unwinding after a long day.  Our wine bar is where we want everyone to relax and build new friendships.

While you are visiting us, we hope you strike up a conversation with someone you haven’t met, buy them a drink, and really get to know them on a genuine level.  David and I have built this for many years through our networking events and now we are bringing it to you.  Conversation is where all relationships begin and grow.  Spending time together (with wine) is at the core of primary human needs.  We are in this life together.  Why not work together on a common cause?  Let’s build a community.