What goes into a wine bar and bottle shop? Everything you can think of, and ten things you haven’t yet.

This is my first blog post for Syndicate. Let me bring you up to speed with everything, starting with who we are.

Those in the community may know us under our primary business, Canvas Host (originally named Canvas Dreams), a B Certified website design agency and hosting provider founded more than 17 years ago.

We also built up a side project called OregonWines.com. I was able to snag the domain on back-order way back in 2002, and the rest fell in place. We created an online service to promote and write about local wineries and wine culture, possibly engage some in web design, and appeal to an audience by showing wine culture can be fun and educational, and not break the bank. It was a lot of fun, and it showed us the potential to use the Internet to unite wine lovers around the world.

As our businesses have evolved, we have grown ever closer to the local wine industry. We actively provide design and hosting services to a number of local wineries. Though we take our work seriously, there’s also an element of fun. It can be a nice escape to meet on-site at a client’s tasting room in the middle of a busy work week!

In the summer of 2018, we formed a group of business professionals that became known as the Syndicate, and the conversation quickly evolved to this: Why not create a physical space that could serve the needs of small businesses, provide meeting and private event space, and double as a community location focused around great wine?

Thus was born, the idea for Syndicate Wine Bar.

Though planning has been constant since last summer, we formally pushed “go” on this process in February of this year. We’re just shy of three months into the process, and in that time, it’s incredible to reflect on what has been accomplished: Business licensing, OLCC legalities and training, building location and lease, city permits, winery relationships, distributor accounts, interior planning, furniture and appliances, office build-out, private Syndicate label wines… the list is endless.

Freshly sanded Juniper slab sits in our garage, awaiting further trimming and sealing. Ten, old wine barrels await polishing up, as well as additional hardware on which to secure the slabs for slab bar seating.

Designs for the kitchen are still in planning, but we know for certain we’ll make efficient use of all available storage. Everything is being measured down to the inch or fraction thereof.

That leaves the “wine wall” — our name for the custom built, wall-mounted display that will hold close to 1,000 bottles, featuring more than 100 different labels, from producers big and small and everything in between. Our goal is to provide a unique selection of hand-picked wines exemplifying different regions of the world, and at prices for every budget.

It’s all going to fit into a 900-square-foot building unit in historic, old town Beaverton.

Binding it all together, will be our community: That begins with you. Each person has a distinct palate, and for that there is a distinct wine. With your participation and input, Syndicate Wine Bar will reflect a bit more of you, and the community we call our home.

There’s so much more to share, with many 2.0 and 3.0 ideas following our launch in early Summer 2019 — but we’ll let those age for a bit, until they’re ready.

À la prochaine,

David Anderson