It’s human nature to want to connect with people.  We all want to be a part of something.  Aside from that, we want to feel invited and included.

Last summer when a group of our friends (who are also business owners) started hanging out on our back deck, we saw something amazing happen.  We couldn’t put our finger on it at the time, but defined it with one word: community.  Our community of friends had developed a support system, a system to encourage and talk through challenging situations.  We took turns cooking throughout the nights, days, and slow Saturday afternoons.  Wine was poured in plenty as we talked about everything: the good, the bad, and the very ugly.  We talked about our dreams for the future and our hopes for balance.

What I found in these shared moments was something I’ve never been able to find in any networking group, even our own (Green Drinks).  I found that we got to know each other at a very humble level, willing to disclose the things we struggled with in our jobs.  (Wine always helps in letting the guards down too.)  Many of us are business owners and our introspective journey began.  It began in that moment over great food and even better wine.  What drives us to be who we are professionally?  Why do we do what we do?  No, not on the surface level that you roll off your tongue in a 20 second pitch to a potential customer.  What really motivates you to get up in the morning and fires you up?

I’ve worked in corporate America for many years, specifically in training and development or title and escrow.  I’ve seen and experienced many issues in management that leadership books are written about, but what drives me?  I started thinking about this more and more, prompted by the amazing discussion, and then silently on quiet walks.  If I could create my ideal job, what would it be?  My son is 19 years old and gets multiple questions from family and friends, “what do you want to be when you grow up?”  How can we know that at 19 years old?  Why should we even ask that question?  I can tell you at 44 years old, I am finally figuring it out.  I want to create a community space where everyone feels loved and included, a space where individuals can come and diffuse from a long day, a place where you can bring balance back into life.  A space that just lets us (as adults) let our hair down without worrying about appearances, facades, and internal corporate pressures.  Who cares if you don’t have all the answers or know what you want to do with your life?  Who says you have to know that at any age?  We can change our minds as many times as we want.

Syndicate Wine Bar is my personal and professional goal and a culmination of what I want.  It is the space that I have dreamed about creating, a space that I want to go relax, and a space that I can recharge.  I love wine, but I love people much, much more.  I love connecting with people, hearing their stories, and encouraging them throughout life.  One of the greatest rewards from my coaching days was loving on my team.  I loved hearing their challenges and watching them overcome obstacles.  That’s what we are as business owners.  We don’t have all the answers, but we do have a listening ear.  We do have a good cup of coffee and a bold red wine.   Our fireplace and music are here to welcome you to sing along and invite your friends.  Be yourself.  Grab a microphone and sing to your hearts at our lip sync or karaoke nights or sit by the fireplace with a warm chocolate chip cookie.  Just enjoy life and live out loud.  This is where I want to be as a professional.  I found the passion in my career and it’s by creating a space for all of you.   I love connecting with people and building relationships.  We are here to listen and welcome you at Syndicate Wine Bar.  “Are we open yet??”  That’s still the question to which I have no answer.