I Am Syndicate

By Angela Anderson, Co-Owner/ Operations & Finance

We miss your smiles.  We miss your energy.  We miss you.

In these times of uncertainty, one thing that should not be overlooked is our overwhelming desire for a sense of community, a sense of belonging, and a sense of togetherness.  Today David and I sat back and looked at the toll one month has had on Syndicate Wine, LLC, or as many of you know us, Syndicate Wine Bar.  The largest theme in our analysis was the desire for community when many of us feel insecure, isolated, and alone.

Syndicate was built around the mission and vision of a group of individuals coming together for a common cause.  Our common cause was centered around wine.  From the day we opened the Wine Bar, you filled our location with laughter, smiles, friendship, and love.  We saw acceptance and appreciation.  We saw friendships made and experiences treasured.  Syndicate became a community gathering place that was far bigger than any mission statement or business plan.  It became you.

Now one month later, we long for that again.  Many of you may not know that our last big weekend at Syndicate was March 16th.  This was the first weekend in many years that David and I were able to take a weekend off, with a full trusting heart, leaving Syndicate to our team without a single worry.  Lance Carter and Debbie Nelson, with the help from Scott and Kathie Nelson from Resolu Cellars were there taking care of all of you as you flooded our location with enthusiasm and your love of wine.  Without our amazing staff, we would be nothing.  Without all of YOU Syndicate would not exist.

This brings us to April 2020 and a change in how we define community.  From the bottom of my heart, I want to pour out my love and appreciation for all of you and your support this last year and in the many years to come.  You have personally helped us fill in the missing piece of what Syndicate is…. We are a group of individuals caring about each other and sharing our love of wine.

We are a community, no matter what it looks like.  We love sharing moments and experiences through our love of wine.  We will have our community gathering place once again, but until then, showing our Syndicate pride is what it is all about.

In the coming days and weeks, you will see us launch a new marketing campaign around #iamsyndicate.  Be proud that you helped us create something from nothing and were there from the very beginning.  Your local wine bar needs you.




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