Thank you so much for being patient with us while we wait on construction.  What David and I have learned in this process is to be very, very patient.  Though we have a very detailed understanding of every element needed at Syndicate Wine Bar, some processes go slower than planned.  Good ole’ building permits.  When people ask how things are going, we just say, “building permits.”  Everyone we have met seems to understand and roll their eyes accordingly.

So, long story short, we are moving forward, even if it is at a snail’s pace.  We have the best architect around that knows the area, knows restaurant rebuilds, and knows the city jurisdiction very well.  She warned us from the get go that we may have to cross a big hurdle since our space was originally zoned for retail and we will need it zoned for a restaurant.  No worries.  We are patient, right?  We also have wine.  Wine always helps with patience.

Starting in April, our official plans will be over to the City and we should be moving forward once again.  We will be able to better understand timelines, as well as any hurdles we will need to overcome.  As I said, patience.  All of this red tape is necessary to push our level of patience.  Patience that we can redirect into curating a more extensive wine library.  Patience that can be focused in staging the bar in our garage.  Patience that can build out a robust activities calendar.  Patience.