In construction the phrase is, “measure twice, cut once”.  It should be “measure a million times plus one more”.  We found that designs change, ideas evolve, and a creative process emerges.  I typically don’t really care how things get done, I just like to accomplish things.  I have task lists upon task lists.  I like to achieve something every day, no matter how small.  In the construction of a wine bar, some things just don’t move at my comfortable speed.

My comfort level in the process of building the Syndicate Wine Bar is being challenged.  The project went from David and I having our novice ideas of a floor plan to a more professional rendering from our architect that will meet building code.  Every item is measured to the quarter inch or less.  Every specification for appliances has been reported.  Every small detail of measurement is accounted for, so when I say “measure a million times plus one,” it means that you are never done measuring.

We have actually scribbled all over our original designs and started new, with fresh ideas and perspective.  There are posted brainstorms all around our living room where the kids may think we were formulating a plan for ultimate world peace or domination.  David and I sit back and laugh, toss papers around, and get back in there and revise. There are revisions upon revisions.  People ask how we can stand working and living together all the time.  I respond, “lots and lots of coffee” and plus we actually like each other.

The creative process is just that: a process.  Furthermore, I have learned so much about myself in this. Back in my corporate coaching days. I would say, “it’s when we are most uncomfortable that we are learning.”  Well, I am certainly uncomfortable right about now and I am learning. Some things take time and can’t be accomplished in a day, week, or month.

Above all you have to go with the flow and let the process lead you to a new, even brighter, destination.